Your Luscious Lips Deserve the Best Lip Gloss (S.W.A.K.!)

best lip gloss beautycounter

I have been addicted to lip products ever since high school. To this day I love lip gloss and the way it makes my lips shine, plus it gives me just the right amount of moisture my lips need. The Lip Gloss from Beautycounter is my ultimate favorite—it’s not sticky or goopy and the peony pink is the perfect color for summer.  It’s my must have!

This lip gloss goes on smoothly, and has a unique teardrop applicator that gives you just the perfect amount of sheer. The gloss comes in five different shades to choose from: peony, buff, sienna, opal and ruby.

IMG_4740-2You can also use this gloss on top of the Lip Sheer for added color and shine (Twig is everyone’s favorite). Pair it up with the Lengthening Mascara and a hint of the Contour Matte Bronzer for the perfect, natural summer look.

If you have a tween or teenage daughter who likes to wear lip gloss, then I would definitely recommend this lip gloss for her. She will fall in love with it! It’s perfectly safe for both your daughter and yourself.  Let’s teach them early about toxic chemicals in their products!

Other lip glosses are made with butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), a preservative and fragrance ingredient that is linked to cancer and organ toxicity. This gloss is BHT free, so you never have to worry about using toxic chemicals on your lips or the lips of your girls.  xoxo