The Power of Probiotics: It’s all about the GUT!


When I first took my daughter in to see her pediatrician regarding her chronic stomach issues, his very first question was: “Does Blaine take a daily probiotic?” When I told him no, he told me she needs to be, and actually, I should be taking one too. His advice was everyone should be. Interesting, right?

It made sense to me because I had recently heard health plus wellness genius, Dr. Frank Lipman, tell a packed crowd that our health all depends on our gut. “80 percent of your entire immune system is located in your digestive tract! So why should we care about probiotics?


What are they?

Probiotics are a naturally good bacteria that live in your digestive tract, on your skin, in dirt, on the leaves of vegetables, and in other places.

Why do we need them?

probioticsProbiotics are crucial because they help you digest food, and support your body’s ability to fight infection and absorb nutrients.

Most of us, including our little ones, need extra probiotics because we tend to consume foods that kill off probiotics in the body. If we don’t replenish our systems with probiotics, over time, you’ll damage your digestive tract. The top robotic killers are prescription antibiotics, tap water, GMO foods, grains, stress, sugar and other chemicals and medications. If you don’t take care of your digestive tract, your gut micro-organisms become imbalanced and your system can become a birthplace for bad bacteria, fungi, parasites, yeast, and viruses.

Consuming probiotic-rich foods and/or probiotics supplements will help you completely digest your food and give your body small amounts of vitamins that are essential for your life. Probiotics produce an enzyme called cellulase that breaks down fiber and cell walls, ultimately opening up the nutrients found in fiber, which helps boost the absorption of those nutrients in your body.

garden of life probiotics supplements

One of my good friends who is studying nutrition recommends “Garden of Life” brand of daily probiotics, available on Amazon. I take one every day with my daughter. She takes the Garden of Life for Kids, which is certified organic, gluten free, no soy allergens, no binders, no fillers, no carriers. We call it our “magic tummy pill”.

Cheers to healthier guts!
xoxo NBC