Changin’ It Up In 2018

Changin’ It Up In 2018 #YOLO

Happy New Year!

We just returned from an amazing few days of fun in the sun in Florida. It was a very last minute decision to make this trip. We were supposed to go skiing in northern Vermont, but Mother Nature had other plans with extreme arctic record low temperatures in the forecast. So, we decided to switch gears and plan this spontaneous trip to Miami with our family. We called it our #YOLO trip!

Many have been asking me what is “YOLO”. It stands for “You Only Live Once”. We’ve decided to embrace this mantra for the new year. I’m hoping by sharing this with all of you that you’ll be inspired to make plans or decisions with this same attitude in mind. YOLO!

Nina Clarke

It felt good, but different in a refreshing way to pull the trigger and take this spontaneous trip. If you know us, you know this was extremely out of character as we are very much Type A people who like to plan everything far in advance. We like to follow our plan—that’s just what we do. After all, I was a television news producer for many many years, where I was trained to plan every single second of the newscast, literally! But this trip taught us to change things up and embrace the change.

We are also working on teaching our kids to embrace change. We have one child who is very much set in his ways, and he does not like new things. He likes what he’s used to, and change makes him upset. So by mixing things up, it is showing your kids that change can be great, change can be fun, and new experiences are important in life. I’m not saying that everything we will be doing from now on will be flying by the seat of our pants, but every once in awhile, if we can have more of the YOLO mentality, we will be excited. I know it’ll help us stretch out of our comfort zones more. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard once or twice before that life begins when you leave your comfort zone. I urge you all to consider this challenge in the new year. Here’s to a new and improved 2018 the YOLO way!

Here’s a glimpse of our mini vacation:

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